“I really appreciate Darlington Arts Center. The teachers and staff are very talented and very caring with regards to our family. I feel they have the interest of the children in mind at all times. It is also extremely convenient that the kids can be bussed to the Center from [the Garnet Valley] schools. Again I am very happy that we have Darlington in our neighborhood.”
~ Sandy, parent

“Had a great experience here with my 3 year old at preschool and dance class. She was shy and hesitant at first but wound up loving it! I think it’s a great place to be a part of!”
~ Terry, parent

“We have done three camps this year and our ladies are simply loving it! They are excited and challenged every day!”
~ Lara, parent

“Throughout my 5 years studying at the Darlington Arts Center, I have had the opportunity to learn, grow, and express myself through my music and art. Not only did Darlington provide me financial assistance through its scholarship program for my piano and violin studies, but it also presented opportunities such as masterclasses with renowned musicians Leon Bates, James Dunham, and Hugh Sung. I’ve been blessed with constant performance opportunities through Darlington ranging from the monthly Friday evening recitals to special occasions such as performing the Gershwin Piano Preludes for Peter Nero of the Philly Pops at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia. I am ever grateful to the staff at the Darlington Arts Center for their gracious support over the years, as well as to my teachers David Brown, Sylvia Ahramjian, and Karl Kuerner.”
~ Jennifer Campbell, alum

“I can’t say enough good things about Darlington!  My daughter has been dancing here for 6 years and loves the program.  The smaller class sizes allow for personal interaction with the instructors who are supportive and dedicated.  The staff goes out of their way to be helpful and take the time to get to know the students and their families.  Darlington has taught my daughter so much. Teachers have not only instilled technique, but also self-confidence, discipline, and a passion for dance.”
~ Krista, parent

“It is here one may start at any age and test the beauty of sound, the magic of notes, the telling of the spirit, the special gifts of color and form. The teaching at Darlington is a shared experience, and enrichment for those who seek its benefits.”
~ John Seaman Bainbridge, alum

“I have been in the Chester Theater Arts Program for 6 years. I have learned many things that cannot be displayed on the stage at the semester’s closing. I have learned how to be a leader, setting a good example that others younger than me can follow. I have learned how to discipline myself and I can focus on the task at hand and follow through until it is complete. I also learned how to let my creativity shine through in anything that I do.”
~ Zaakiyah Brown, 16 year old student from the Chester Theater Arts Program

“We have been thrilled with our experiences thus far at Darlington. The staff and instructors are excellent and the programming is varied and interesting.”
~ Dance Parent

“[The Summer Camp teaching artists] really got our youngest daughter to come out of her shell.  Even on the first day, she came home excited, saying it was great and that she made two new friends! … At the [final] performance, I was so impressed that [our daughter], who can be more than a little socially anxious, was participating in every component of the presentation, sometimes reading and singing on her own! Thank you for everything you do to make the children more confident, expressive, communicative and establishing a more wholesome and more enthusiastic appreciation of the arts!”
~ Summer Camp Parent