Darlington Stories

“I cannot thank you enough nor as often as necessary for what you have done for CUSA [Chester Upland School of the Arts] this year. My second graders benefited immensely from their intro to violins and their contact with [Darlington Violin Teaching Artist] Lingchin [Liao], who I adore. Her no nonsense approach is just what is needed to teach our CUSA scholars how to play an instrument, especially the violin.  Know that I have appreciated your investment in our children and their families.”
~Anna S. Hadgis, Principal of Chester Upland School of the Arts, referring to Darlington’s Suzuki Violin Outreach Program

“It’s been great to have my kids here [at Darlington’s Chester Theatre Arts Program]. They enjoyed learning all types of dance, music and theater and the teachers are great with the kids.”
~ James Burch, parent of 2 Chester Theatre Arts Program participants

“I just wanted to thank you for the Athena Scholarship.  By winning the scholarship it has given me the opportunity to further my musical education through lessons at Darlington Arts Center. In college, I hope to major in music so I can become a vocal coach or music teacher, and this scholarship has helped me grow closer to that goal.”
~ Rhiannon Charney, Athena Scholarship 2011-12 Senior Award Recipient

“Darlington Arts Center rocks! I have had the privilege of taking art lessons from teacher-artist Karl Kuerner for several years, and it taught me that I could actually do something I had always wondered about but doubted: make a drawing and paint a picture! I so look forward to getting back to painting, after taking a needed hiatus to recover a business from the Great Recession–ugghh. I encourage anyone who has neglected the creative part of their lives to try a class or a workshop and experience the satisfaction of finding something within yourself which satisfies like nothing else: creating something out of your own imagination and discovering something within which you might not have known even existed–the creative spark which makes you burn more brightly in every other area of your life! Go for it!”
~ Anne Pounds, student

“My daughter loves taking dance classes at DAC! She has taken several different classes and all her instructors and the staff of DAC has been so supportive of her. They really encouraged her creativity and love of dance in a non-competitive, fun environment, which is difficult to find. She looks forward to her class each week and is excited about the recital each year. As a Mom, I am so happy I was able to find such a positive, accepting place for her to thrive. I would encourage all parents to check out all the offerings at DAC!”
~ Keady Peaper, parent

“I really appreciate Darlington Arts Center. The teachers and staff are very talented and very caring with regards to our family. I feel they have the interest of the children in mind at all times. It is also extremely convenient that the kids can be bussed to the Center from [the Garnet Valley] schools. Again I am very happy that we have Darlington in our neighborhood.”
~ Sandy Graney

“Throughout my 5 years studying at the Darlington Arts Center, I have had the opportunity to learn, grow, and express myself through my music and art. Not only did Darlington provide me financial assistance through its scholarship program for my piano and violin studies, but it also presented opportunities such as masterclasses with renowned musicians Leon Bates, James Dunham, and Hugh Sung. I’ve been blessed with constant performance opportunities through Darlington ranging from the monthly Friday evening recitals to special occasions such as performing the Gershwin Piano Preludes for Peter Nero of the Philly Pops at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia. I am ever grateful to the staff at the Darlington Arts Center for their gracious support over the years, as well as to my teachers David Brown, Sylvia Ahramjian, and Karl Kuerner.”
~ Jennifer Campbell, alum

“I can’t say enough good things about Darlington!  My daughter has been dancing here for 6 years and loves the program.  The smaller class sizes allow for personal interaction with the instructors who are supportive and dedicated.  The staff goes out of their way to be helpful and take the time to get to know the students and their families.  Darlington has taught my daughter so much. Teachers have not only instilled technique, but also self-confidence, discipline, and a passion for dance.”
~ Krista, parent

“On behalf of my grandchildren, I would like to express my gratitude for [your Summer Arts] Camp.  It was a wonderful experience for them and [my granddaughter] proclaimed the last day as ‘the best day of my life!’  She loved being Glinda, the Good Witch [in their end-of-camp performance]!  Thank you so very much.”
~ Judy Singer

“Nine years have passed by since our family became involved with the Darlington Arts Center.  It continues to be one of the best decisions we have ever made for our family.  My daughter began taking the pre-twinkle violin class at the Center when it was located on Route 1 while we waited with great anticipation for the grand opening on Shavertown Road.  Since that time, our four children have all benefited from taking art classes and private music lessons over the years.  Our family and extended family have attended numerous recitals and celebrations at the Center.  We can not say enough about the high quality of teaching that the children have received from the very professional faculty.  The teachers and staff have become lifelong friends.  We will always be grateful for the opportunity that our family has experienced through our weekly lessons at Darlington”
~ Steven & Kathy Stirparo

“It is here one may start at any age and test the beauty of sound, the magic of notes, the telling of the spirit, the special gifts of color and form. The teaching at Darlington is a shared experience, and enrichment for those who seek its benefits.”
~ John Seaman Bainbridge, alum

“I have been in the Chester Theater Arts Program for 6 years. I have learned many things that cannot be displayed on the stage at the semester’s closing. I have learned how to be a leader, setting a good example that others younger than me can follow. I have learned how to discipline myself and I can focus on the task at hand and follow through until it is complete. I also learned how to let my creativity shine through in anything that I do.”
~ Zaakiyah Brown, 16 year old student from the Chester Theater Arts Program

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