Art Gallery Opening October 6

Art Gallery Opening Features Paintings by Kimberly Hoechst 

Darlington welcomes the public to our Art Gallery opening for Chester County fine artist Kimberly Hoechst on Saturday, October 6 at 6:30 p.m.  Ms. Hoechst has enjoyed a passion for art, design, and creative endeavors throughout her life.  She pursued formal training at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts following a successful career in marketing. Her paintings have received high praise at shows and exhibitions in and around Philadelphia.

“The greatest joy of having become a painter is going through each day perceiving things with an eye toward their potential to be expressed as art,” says Kim.  “The interplay of light and shadow inspires me to paint because this dynamic can make ordinary things intriguing or dramatic and reveal beauty in an unexpected way.  I often paint local places, but any location or object is fair game if the light and shadows dominate.”

A live music Coffee House concert follows the art opening featuring The Homegrown String Band Trio. The combination of an art opening with a live music concert make for an entertaining evening at the Darlington Arts Center the first weekend in October.  “As this is our fortieth year of bringing the four arts to the community, we are excited to offer a variety of venues to area residents to engage the arts, says Director Carter-Thompson.  “We are intent on making Darlington the popular destination to celebrate and participate in the arts.”