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Darlington hosts art exhibits by regional and local artists. Gallery pieces are generally available for purchase.

Upcoming Gallery Receptions and Openings
Saturday, April 10, 2021 (Juried Art Show)

Rebecca Yurkevicz Gallery "Cloudscape Oracle"

June 11 - August 27th

Artist Statement
The cycles of the cosmos and linking of a heavenly space to an earthly existence has inspired my spirit and this body of work. Finding order within chaos, feeling peace and yet an existential vastness when gazing up to the sky has encompassed my paintings and creative aesthetic. The Zen Buddhist practice a meditative form of painting called “sumi-e,” which utilizes simple ink washes and brush strokes to visually depict a “feeling” of an object. Every stroke is made with intention, purpose, and respect. In many of my paintings I have been inspired to capture the polarity of order within chaos through intended brush strokes and the spontaneity of my intuition.
Artist Bio

Rebecca Yurkevicz is a visual artist who completed a Master’s in Teaching Visual Arts at the University of the Arts where she had various opportunities for field studies at the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts after school outreach programs, the Timothy School, a non-profit for children with Autism, and Fairmount Early Intervention, just to name a few. She graduated Cum Laude from West Chester University receiving a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts concentrating in painting and drawing. She is currently a teaching Artist at Darlington Arts Center in Glen Mills where she teaches a wide range of ages and skill levels from preschool STEAM and Art to Adult Painting and Drawing courses. She enjoys volunteering her time participating in various community projects the center supports and upholds. Rebecca also periodically teaches at Rockdale Art Center in Aston, teaching children ages five and up various skills and techniques in two-dimensional art.  She is also a Senior Adjunct at Rowan College of Burlington County lecturing Art Appreciation courses.


“I believe in creating an atmosphere of curiosity and passion for learning in the studio. I feel this helps in the learning process to not only build life-long learners, but also to encourage students to reach their highest potential.”

Juried Art Show: Triumph

April 10, 2021 - May 8, 2021

Congratulations to Marie Cousar, the winner of our Juried Art Show, "Triumph," her watercolor painting "Fatherhood 2" won Best in Show!
"I took the photo when we went to visit our daughter, son-in-law & grandchildren. They were at their church. The two older siblings hadn’t seen their cousin, the baby in months. The baby lives in Wilmington, they live on Maryland. So when they saw him, they rushed up to greet him & I took the photo! The painting is done on hot press paper. I tried to show movement in the brush strokes & express joy in their gestures." - Marie Coursar
The Juried Art Show "Triumph" is on view now through May 8, 2021! The public is invited to tour the gallery Monday through Friday from 9am-9pm, and Saturday from 9am-3pm (closed Sunday). Please call 610-358-3632 to RSVP. Check artwork descriptions for pricing. Call to purchase or stop by the center!