Bluegrass Trio Opens Coffee House Concert Series on October 6

The Homegrown String Band Trio (Bluegrass-Folk) Saturday, October 6 at 8 PM

The Homegrown String Band™ opens the fall 2018 Coffee House concert series at Darlington on Saturday evening, October 6. The open mic session begins at 7:30 and the main event follows at 8 p.m. This trio of collaborative musicians perform authentic bluegrass/folk string band music brought up to speed for a unique repertoire drawn from classic rural Americana. Their spin on this traditional music is innovative and honed to perfection. Comprised of husband and wife plus daughter, this dynamic group utilize an eclectic palette of instruments including guitar, banjo, fiddle, dulcimer, mandolin, banjo-ukulele, harmonica, jaw-harp, and doumbek to put their own musical DNA on a broad music genre. 

Traversing ancient ballads of the British Isles to blues and bluegrass of the twentieth century, these crowd favorites bring high energy while creating a memorable soundscape. The Homegrown String Ban will etch their place in every heart as they launch the new Coffee House season at Darlington. Foot tapping and body swaying will linger long into the night when their feel good music nourishes body and soul. 

Join the group and get tickets for the entire Coffee House Concert season. There are great musician on tap from October to May playing in an intimate setting that provided pure listening pleasure in a BYOB relaxed environment. Come, listen, and enjoy. Next on the docket is Geri Smith and her soulful blues, jazz, and rock to elevate and set the mood on November 10.

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