Camp Creativity Weekly Adventures in the Arts with Video Link

Camp Creativity Offers Unique Weekly Adventures for Kids 

Each week, Darlington’s Camp Creativity offers a palette of adventures in the arts; each a different quest designed to stimulate learning and capture the imagination. Through music, art, dance, and drama, children, from 3-years-old to 14, participate in multiple activities and are able to make discoveries revealing new areas of interest and abilities to tap. As participation is encouraged, campers grow confident developing the courage to explore new talents, opening new possibilities. 

Coming up soon, campers get set to don their space attire as they travel to A Galaxy Far, Far Away before picking up their guitars for Rockin’ the Arts and Guitar Jam Camp at the end of July heading into August.

August heats up with STEAM in the Summer and continues with more great opportunities to have a memorable camping experience at Darlington.  Storytelling Adventure is followed by a travel adventure featuring a brisk Around the World in 5 Days whirlwind tour.  In addition, two art-focused camps, Visual Art Intensive and Designing the Arts, are open to children to round out a wonderful season of learning and fun.

Check out all the opportunities remaining at Camp Creativity here.   

2018 Camp Creativity video link