Community Totem Project – May 31-June 4

Totem created at UN in NYCDarlington with Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and Totem Rhythms, Inc. is holding a “Totem Week” Tuesday, May 31 - Sunday June 4. These three organizations are creating a community totem pole to be on permanent display at Darlington Arts Center. This totem will reflect stories of peoples and groups in the local area, including the Lenape Indians, historical societies, scout troops, established families and school groups.  All events will be held on the grounds of Darlington Arts Center.

Tuesday, May 31 @ Noon will be a “Talking Circle” facilitated by Native Americans from Totem Rhythms, Inc. This is an opportunity to bring friends and neighbors together to share the stories of how they came to the area, thoughts and feelings about living in Garnet Valley.
Wednesday, June 1 - Friday, June 3, 9am-6pm every community member is invited to observe and be a part of the carving and painting of the Totem Project! Young and old are invited to paint stepping stones that will be installed around the base, and some will be able to join in carving the Totem itself (those participants with experience with carving tools). Along with members of Totem Rhythms, members of the William Rush Woodcarvers club: Ron Berge, Jack Albrand, Bill Ruhl and Don Storey, will help carve the Totem.
Saturday, June 4, 11am will be the final celebration as the Totem is installed on the grounds of Darlington Arts Center! There will be live music and ceremonies to thank all the volunteers and participants for their work. This is a great chance to view the finished representation of local history and learn about some local Native American traditions.

Totem Rhythms, Inc. is an internationally recognized project fostering Native American cultural roots and heritage. Lenape “Dream Weaver” Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, is Founder and President of Totem Rhythms, a member of the Eastern Delaware Nations, and a Wolf Clan mother. She will be on-site overseeing the Totem, answering questions and aiding in creation of the Totem.

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