December 8 Coffee House Concert Features Liz Filios

Liz Filios Headlines December 8 Coffee House Concert

Saturday, December 8 is a musical journey to savor.  A perfect night of soothing sounds beckon when songstress Liz Filios and pianist Heath Allen caress patrons with their hypnotic mix of blues, cool jazz, and international folk. 

A remarkably talented renaissance woman, Liz Filios is an actor, musician, composer, sound designer, and teaching artist. She has studied and performed around the globe in as diverse locations as Chennai, India and Caracas, Venezuela as well as throughout the U.S., Japan, and Europe. Liz works in a variety of forms, including theatre, opera, cabaret, jazz, and folk music. 

Her performances are to be consumed, nibbled on, digested, and remembered as she heightens the mood with a sensuous pallet of audible delights… pure entertainment that elevates completely.  Together, with her pianist extraordinaire Heath Allen, they coalesce as music duo of enchantment, rendering melodies that linger long into the night.  

Liz is a performer not to be missed. An evening of musical seduction awaits! Circle December 8 on the calendar and get your tickets here today!

Learn more about Liz Filios here.