Tickets: $10 for members, $15 non members (please call for member discount).
Includes FREE coffee, tea, and desserts (BYOB – corkscrew & glasses provided)
7:30 PM – open mic, 8:00 PM – featured performer. Advance ticket purchase is recommended!

Saturday, Oct 6, 2018

The Homegrown String Band Trio  (Bluegrass-Folk)

The Homegrown String Band™ is authentic bluegrass/folk string band music brought up to speed with a family of musicians collaborating in organic fashion for a unique repertoire drawn from classic rural Americana. Their spin on this traditional music is innovative and honed to perfection. Comprised of husband and wife plus daughter, this dynamic trio utilize an eclectic palette of instruments including guitar, banjo, fiddle, dulcimer, mandolin, banjo-ukulele, harmonica, jaw-harp, and doumbek to put their own musical DNA on a broad music genre. Traversing ancient ballads of the British Isles to blues and bluegrass of the twentieth century, they bring high energy to create a memorable soundscape.  As regular crowd favorites at music festivals across the land, they will etch their place in every heart of the audience to kick off the new Coffee House season at Darlington.  

Learn more about The Homegrown String Bank here.

Saturday, Nov 10

Geri Smith (Blues-Pop-Jazz-Rock)

Geri Smith is an experienced songwriter and performer with two albums of original music in addition to an award-winning children’s album in collaboration with John Hadfield.  As lead singer and keyboardist with Brandywine Jazz and R&B, Geri is a vocal powerhouse sought after performer.  Her satisfying vocals resonant deep within soothing tired thoughts with brighter possibilities.  A hypnotic distillation of soulful jazzy blues, and original rock tunes are components of Geri’s vast musical repertoire.

An award-winning songwriter, Smith’s music has appeared in stereo demos, films, and compilations. An early classical music student, by her teens, she was playing the guitar and writing her own songs. In college, she majored in voice, but continued to study piano and arranging.  The results are worthy of savoring.

By the way, Geri is a Darlington Teaching Artist busy guiding new performers to prominence. 

Learn more about Geri Smith here.


Saturday, Dec 8, 2018

Liz Filios  (Blues-Cool Jazz-Folk)

A remarkably talented renaissance woman, Liz Filios is an actor, musician, composer, sound designer and teaching artist. She has studied and performed around the globe in as diverse locations as Chennai, India and Caracas, Venezuela as well as throughout the U.S. and Europe. Liz works in a variety of forms, including theatre, opera, cabaret, jazz, and folk music. 

Her performances are to be consumed, nibbled on, digested, and savored as she heightens the mood with a sensuous pallet of audible delights… pure entertainment that elevates completely.  Together, with her pianist extraordinaire, they coalesce as music duo of enchantment, rendering melodies that linger long into the night.  

Liz is a performer not to be missed. An evening of musical seduction awaits!

Learn more about Liz Filios here.

Saturday, Jan 12, 2019

Minas (Brazilian cool Jazz, Pop, Folk)

Minas blends north and south creating original music that is evocative and imaginative. Orlando Haddad and Patricia King comprise Minas. Their compositions have been compared to classics by Cole Porter and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Brazilian guitar and jazz piano are woven in sensual rhythms coalescing with male and female vocals wrapped in English and Portuguese poetry. Their uplifting music, both subtle and complex, is sheer beauty that transports listeners to another realm.

Intuitively, they massage Brazilian and American roots to create a sound that is fresh and innovative, from ballads tinged with melancholic traits of Blues and Choro, to Folk coasting on the subtle coolness of a Bossa Nova pulse, to upbeat Sambas elaborated with instrumental jazz improvisation, scat singing and whimsical whistling. Capturing the essence of great songwriting with memorable melodies, inventive harmonies, and poetic lyrics, the music of Minas is timeless.

Learn more about Minas here.


Saturday, Feb 9, 2019

Heidi Hayes (Blues-Rock-Smooth Jazz)

While some women collect shoes, Heidi Hayes collects songs. It is when she sings that we respond transfixed, knowing immediately she made the right choice, despite her elegant footwear. Initially, a classical music performer, Heidi discovered cabaret and suddenly a star was born. She has taken her show on the road from New York City to the glow of Singapore. Audiences everywhere are enchanted by this richly talented woman with a mesmerizing voice and alluring style. 

She returns to Darlington to tantalize her fans again, taking them with her on a musical journey of pure pleasure! When she is not before the microphone, this remarkable woman is singing and performing on stage in musicals all over the world.  Let her voice seduce you. Join her on this one night stand.

Learn more about Heidi Hayes here.


Saturday, March 9, 2019

Belfast Connection (Irish Folk)

Belfast Connection is a three-piece band featuring Frank Reed on vocals, bass and guitar, Damian Larkin on vocals, bodhran and guitar, and new member Rich Dodson on fiddle, banjo, bouzouki, cittern, mandolin, guitar, plus vocals.   This talented trio get the feet stomping and hands clapping for a festive night of Gaelic ballads and lively rhythms. They infuse each performance with energy and heart as they tell the story of Ireland and her people, performing a wide collection of well known Irish Pub songs, tunes, and ballads that invite you to dance and sing along. Belfast Connection returns to Darlington for the seventh straight year following six years of sold-out shows!

The boys of Belfast Connection can be found playing in many pubs and festivals across south-eastern Pennsylvania (and sometimes beyond). Check them out at their monthly gigs at the Red Stag in Bethlehem, PA and at the Other Farm Brewery in Boyertown, PA or meet up with at least one of the band members at the Craft Ale House Session on the third Monday of the month in Limerick, PA.

Learn more about Belfast Connection here.


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Jean Therapy – The Original Trio – (Jazz, Folk, Fusion)

Crossover Jazz, Folk, and Fusion singer Jean Lenke’s smooth vocals blend an intuitive sense of melody, harmony and rhythm coalesced within a magical voice reminiscent of Julie London, Dusty Springfield, Joni Mitchell, Carol King, Eva Cassidy, Carly Simon, and Diana Krall. 

Inspired by a unique mix of artists and musical genres, Jean Therapy Music Project, fuses a diverse catalog of styles with abundant creativity to deliver a unique presentation – familiar, yet slightly off center.

The Original Jean Therapy Trio ~ Jean, pianist Pete Bretz, and guitarist Dan McKay have a 15-year history together. Their deep friendship, talent, and performance chemistry has carried them on an eclectic journey through myriad genres of music. They will surprise and delight you every time.

Learn more about Jean Therapy here.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Darlington Teaching Artist Symposium

DAC Teaching Artists take to the stage and put on a show with an eclectic mix of styles and collaborations. With a fusion of sounds that eclipse the ordinary and gather elements of jazz, contemporary, classical, and new music, this casual evening provides an array of compositions with conversation explaining the piece, coupled with musician’s musings and motivations.


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