Join us for A Toast to the Arts Gala Celebration Thursday, May 9

“A Toast to the Arts” Thursday, May 9 

Please join us in celebration of our 40th Anniversary and attend our annual “A Toast to the Arts” event on the Darlington Campus May 9 at 6:30 to 9 p.m. This gala is accessible to our entire community to unite us in support of the arts and Darlington’s role in providing “Every art for Everyone!”

Included during the evening are silent auction items, great food, drinks, entertainment, and camaraderie. In addition, we will honor Darlington Teaching Artist Lingchin Liao for her many years serving music students and DAC Board of Trustees President Ann Anthony who has provided superb guidance throughout her stewardship.    

For information and tickets or for sponsoring the event click here! Please join us on May 9 for a splendid evening at Darlington Arts Center.