Minas Headlines Coffee House Concert on January 12

Minas brings Brazilian cool jazz, pop, and folk to the Darlington Coffee House stage. 

January Coffee House travels below the equator welcoming Minas with a Brazilian blend of smooth sounds expertly merging north and south in a fluid panoply of original music that is evocative, imaginative, and pure pleasure. Orlando Haddad and Patricia King comprise Minas. Their compositions resonate as comparisons to classics by Cole Porter and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Brazilian guitar and jazz piano weave together in sensual rhythms coalescing with male and female vocals entwined with English and Portuguese poetry. Their uplifting music, both subtle and complex, is nuanced beauty able to transport listeners to another realm.

Intuitively, they massage Brazilian and American roots distilling sounds that are fresh and innovative, from ballads tinged with melancholic traits of Blues and Choro, to folk coasting on the subtle coolness of a Bossa Nova pulse, to upbeat Sambas elaborated with instrumental jazz improvisation, scat singing and whimsical whistling. Capturing the essence of great songwriting with memorable melodies, inventive harmonies, and poetic lyrics, the music of Minas is timeless.

Tickets are $15 or $10 for members. Start the new year off right and make your reservation here today. Then get set to settle in for an evening of musical bliss.