Olga Nielsen’s Gallery Opening Reception – Sat, Mar 5

3 – 5 pm

Nielsen believes one of Nature’s most magnificent creations is the human form, and her work is inspired by its power and poetry.

She works in the traditional, realistic style of figurative art, because it allows her to greater express her awe and fascination with the beauty of the human figure and face.

The subjects of Nielsen’s sculptures, paintings and drawings are mostly women and children often seen resting, practicing yoga, moms rocking their babies, and other daily experiences. This allows her, as well as the audience, to reflect on the every day moments of our lives, share their timeless beauty and their universal meaning. Nielsen believes this sharing and connection between the artist and the viewer is the purpose of art.

Show open throuh March 28th.  Gallery hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-4pm

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