2018-2019 Music Pricing 

Private Music Lessons – All Instruments & Styles


Receive quality instruction with our professional teaching artists. Whether you are a beginner or planning a career in music, you will find instructional excellence at Darlington! Through individual weekly instruction, students gain technical expertise, learn music and experience personal growth. Students can gain performing experience at recitals each month and at our end of year festival, The 4Arts Festival.

Private instruction is available in all instruments, including:
Bass guitar, banjo, cello, clarinet, drums/percussion, flute, french horn, guitar (rock, folk, jazz, classical), oboe, piano, piano prep, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, ukulele, viola, violin and voice

Need a specialist? Let us know your needs and we will find a great teacher for you. Study onsite at our beautiful center or request lessons in your home.

2018-2019 Recital Dates:
October 13, November 10, December 8, January 12, February 8, March 9, April 12, May 18-19, June 1-2, June 12

Group Classes & Workshops
In addition to private lessons, Darlington offers ensemble classes, group enrollment, and music workshops for students of all ages and backgrounds, including Music Theory, Beginner Guitar, Voice Class, Suzuki Violin, and more.

Music Theory
Music Theory I: Building Blocks Saturdays, 1:30-2:15 p.m.
Ages 5 & up. Essential for all instrumental students! Using non-competitive group games, we’ll explore: the basics of music including rhythm, tempo, musical terms, and simple intervals; notation in all clefs; hearing, singing, building and writing major and minor pentascales and triads in all keys; introduction to major scales and key signatures. Register Here.
Teacher: Ethel Olsen
34 weeks: September 8-May 18
Register before/after August 18: $641/667 or $52.70 if currently enrolled in private lessons

Music Theory II: Nuts & Bolts Saturdays, 2:15-3:00 p.m.
Ages 6 & up. As a continuation of Music Theory I: Building Blocks, this class will put greater emphasis on major, minor and modal scales and chords, major and minor key signatures, introduce more advanced musical terms, interval qualities, compound meters, and will encourage increased student independence. Students will also begin to explore composers, eras and styles. Register Here. 
Teacher: Ethel Olsen
34 weeks: September 15-June 9
Register before/after August 18: $641/667 or $52.70 if currently enrolled in private lessons

Music Theory III: Next Steps Saturdays, 3:00-3:30 p.m.
Ages 7 & up. Continuing the subjects and skills from Music Theory II: Nuts & Bolts, students will work more independently on individual tasks and written assignments. Students may have an opportunity to participate in the Delaware State Music Teachers Association Theory Festival. Register Here.
Teacher: Ethel Olsen
34 weeks: September 15-June 9
Register before/after August 18: $412/434 or $51 if currently enrolled in private lessons

Darlington’s Suzuki Music Programs
Darlington offers Suzuki Violin classes beginning at age 3. Suzuki-style private lessons are also available. For information on current offerings, please download a copy of our catalog.
The Suzuki method of learning to play an instrument is based on the ideas of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. He believed every child has an innate musical talent and music is best learned in the same way that a native language is learned.  The main concepts of the Suzuki method include: starting lessons early, parent participation and encouragement, listening and daily practice, individual and group lessons.


Request information about private lessons here or call (610) 358-3632 to speak with us!


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