Arts All Day

Enjoy a full day of artistic exploration and creativity when you have off from school!

Register early to save your spot.

9 a.m. - 3 p.m. For students in grades 1-6.
Before and after care is available. Please call (610) 358-3632 to arrange.

Creative Arts Workshop
Monday, April 6 (Spring Break)
You will create a gallery of artwork for friends and family to view, all in one day! You will learn high-impact art techniques and create beautiful projects using traditional methods, then put them on display. Friends and family are invited to walk through the exhibit beginning at 2:45pm.
Price: $68

Storytelling Adventure
Tuesday, April 7 (Spring Break)
Become the authors, characters, and narrators in your own adventure story! Tell a fabulous fable from start to finish in one day! You will learn all about the skills for telling a dramatic tale, craft your own adventure with your friends, and bring the story to life. Performance at 2:45pm
for family and friends!
Price: $58

Cooking and Crafts
Wednesday, April 8 (Spring Break)
Discover your inner chef! You will learn to prepare and cook delicious seasonal snacks while creating food-inspired artwork and crafts to take home.
Price: $68

Movie Making Workshop
Thursday, April 9 (Spring Break)ย 
Make your mark as actors, directors, and designers in this fun-filled workshop! Use your talent and today's technology to bring your story to life! Movie will be premiered at 2:45 for friends & family!
Price: $58

Found Objects Orchestra
Monday, April 13 (Spring Break)
Bring everyday ordinary objects from home and discover the music hidden within! Learn fundamental sound and music principles, discover or create an instrument, then put it all together for a festive concert at 2:45pm for family and friends.
Price: $68

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