Darlington Arts Center's Future Sensory Play Space

Since 1978, Darlington Arts Center (DAC) has held steadfastly to our mission to build community by providing Every Art for Everyone. Our vision is to reach beyond the walls of our center and connect with our community through the arts. This vision includes plans to utilize our beautiful, expansive grounds to welcome all members of the community to DAC. As our community continues to master the arts, Darlington strives to master the art of community by creating unique and worthwhile artistic experiences.

At Darlington Arts Center, we are working to master the art of community while the community masters the arts. We recognize now that art instruction cannot be successful using one method. There are a multitude of people in our constituency who learn in different ways. The Arts-Focused Sensory Play Space is a new method to provide arts access to the youth in our community. Designed by Lizzie Bracken of Jonathan Splitt Architects in Chicago, IL, the play space touches on many specific needs for children with disabilities. Through auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation, this play space will allow all children to engage with the arts in a unique way.

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As of February 2024, we have raised nearly $80,000 for this project. Ambitiously, we planned to begin our construction phase in August 2023. However, due to change in leadership at Darlington and re-evaluating our approach to serving the neurodiverse community, we have decided to take a step back.
We have decided to embark upon the building of the Arts-Focus Sensory Play Space from a holistic perspective, which has inspired the development of our Creative Wellness Program. The Creative Wellness program will implement our new strategic accessibility plan, which include multi-disciplinary arts therapy and autism support programs.

As we prepare for the 250th anniversary of America in 2026, Darlington aspires to be the artistic hub for all those in the Greater Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware communities. We will achieve this through our creative wellness program and the grand opening of our community Arts-Focused Sensory Play Space.
Although the timeline has shifted, we still hold fast the mission of Every Art for Everyone!
There is still work to be done! We are asking our friends and neighbors to join our efforts in raising $50,000 towards the building of the Arts-Focused Sensory Play Space to begin in summer 2025!.

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Have questions or want updates on the Play Space? Contact Assistant Director, Emily Moylan, at engage@darlingtonarts.org.