Celebrating Darlington’s mission of providing Every Art for Everyone, we offer the following scholarships to our community:

Athena Scholarship Award
Accepting Applications Now!

Darlington Arts Center is requesting applications from talented music students rising into grades 5 through 12 for the 2024-2025 school year interested in competing for the Athena Scholarship Award. This award, funded through individual donations given in memory of former Darlington director, Athena Sophocles, shall be used for private music lessons at the Center for the Academic Year, beginning in September 2024.

The 2024-2025 Athena Scholarship Awards are open to all serious music students in the Delaware Valley and nearby areas studying piano, voice, strings, brass, winds, guitar and percussion.  The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of ability and talent alone.  Financial need will not be a consideration.  All competitors will receive written critiques from the adjudicators.

There are two levels of scholarship: Students rising into grades 5-9 will be eligible for the Junior Level Scholarship of $500, and students rising into grades 10-12 will audition for the Senior Level Scholarship of $750.

Students interested in competing should apply, keeping in mind the following parameters for their live performance:

  • Sheet music for the pieces must be provided by Friday, May 3rd at the latest to give to the judges prior to the competition performance.
  • Pieces performed must be memorized.
  • The total performance time should be at least 3 minutes, but no longer than 10 minutes.

o   Senior Division competitors may play up to two separate pieces.

o   Junior Division competitors may select up to three pieces to perform.

  • This is a competition performance – be prepared, and dress appropriately.

Competition applications are available on our website starting April 1:


$20 non-refundable registration fee must accompany each application.  Applications need to be received by May 21, 2024, and then you will receive instructions for your audition time on May 29, 2024, to perform live for a panel of judges.  Should you have any questions, please call 610-358-3632 or email Tariq Harrison at register@darlingtonarts.org.

The Agape Fund
in Memory of Andrea Lauren Hemmenway

Established in 2014, the Agape Fund assists students who have the skills and passion for music, art, dance, and drama, but may not have the financial capacity to participate. These funds exist to ensure Darlington can break down financial barriers and give an equal opportunity for students to learn, create, connect and experience the arts. Andi devoted a good deal of her young life to taking advantage of the many programs offered by Darlington, and we are proud to offer scholarships in her memory.

Agape Scholarship Application

Please attach your recent 1040 Tax form (with sensitive information redacted) or two recent paystubs that may provide support for your need. All documents will be kept confidential. If you would prefer emailing them directly, please send to our Executive Director at roberta@darlingtonarts.org

We appreciate your time in filling out this application. Our Executive Director and members of our Board of Directors will review your case and provide you with our decision within two weeks. Should you have any further questions, please contact Roberta Johnson, Executive Director, by emailing roberta@darlingtonarts.org.

Our scholarship programs thrive thanks to generous donations from our community.  If you’d like to support our scholarships, please click here.